Carnival Of Life

The loss of self is the motivation for which we yearn to know the self. Folly is what we endeavor to learn.

Seeking what we have hidden from ourselves is called mindless busy-work. While we busy ourselves with our own unique "work", Life around us seems to move at a different pace. We just never seem to be able to keep up. I wonder why?

Running in circles is enjoyed by some, for others it is a form of punishment in which it is hoped that some great insight will be the reward at it's end. If the mind was deviating, then it will soon learn otherwise.

Deviation is dangerous. It changes things, and this is not something that is very popular in some particular circles.

Spinning within one's own universe can be a challenge. Does the carousel ever stop? Just because a ticket was purchased, does it require that the full effects be realized, or can one determine for oneself?

Rights and moral codes have little to do with anything if they are not fully accepted. Have you ever justified your actions?

Refusal of effects causes you to be at effect. The choice is yours no matter what "reasons", in your infinite wisdom, you can come up with. Creativity is not how artful you can become in mis-assigning responsibility. Creativity is the expression of freedom. All else is the way of ball and chains.

Running can be very difficult dragging a ball and chain, but some find the strangest pleasure in what they can not confront.

The carnival of Life ensures that your ticket purchase will last forever. Must you endure the ride?

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