Where Is the Savior?

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information.

This organization has attempted to convince the public that L. Ron Hubbard is the one and only savior of the human race. He is the ONE in which legends of old speak who will save us from the eternal bonds of destruction. Our attempts have failed and what remains are bits and pieces of technology that no longer coalesce into something of importance. What is left is impotence.

Spiritual technology, even though purposely desecrated by those within our organization, exists as a viable route of discovery. All you must do to obtain that viability is to use your own discernment. Extract the gems and leave the chaff behind, then move on to other areas of exploration.

When an organization, based upon religious principals, turns to politics (which is the legal system), then that organization is openly demonstrating it's own dissolution. It has given up it's religious foundation and become one of a political nature. The promise of spiritual freedom becomes secondary to the effort in which must be exerted towards maintaining an organization that requires contracts, security officers, attorneys and public relations personnel. These areas of effort do not support spiritual awareness, but merely exist to constrain areas of ever increasing control, in complete opposition to spiritual freedom.

We suggest to you that the exploration of severing ties to this organization be undertaken and that a complete review of the methods, practices and purposes be fully understood. In this way, future spiritual training establishments will be that much more likely to succeed. Knowing the pitfalls allows one to withdraw from areas that are less likely to provide the benefits which one seeks.

Spiritual technology survives to this day from many disciplines and efforts undertaken by a multitude of selfless, nameless people in the past. Making the person important for spiritual "discoveries" takes away from the spiritual message and belongs in the realm of politics where importance takes on a personal meaning. Our mistake helps define the future and we wish a future much brighter than that with which we have provided for ourselves.

The savior, as prophesied, HAS arrived. You are here, and for that we are all grateful. We take pride in the fact that you are able, by example, to show us the way. Spirituality is defined by what we, ourselves, allow others to see of us. We look forward to sharing the new millennium with our Masters.

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International

** Please Note:*

Although these "Public Relations" postings have been made using an organizational name similar to that of the Church of Scientology, this does not mean that these public statements are in any way associated with that corporate entity or with any of it's many corporate offshoots.

The thoughts and ideas expressed within these statements may be similar in a perceived overall philosophic nature, but please do not take this to mean that we are in any way associated with, or have received the acknowledgement of, the above organization.

We believe that spiritual attainment is beyond the scope of mortal man and that the legal issues arising from those who seek to destroy that attainment merely obfuscate the truth.

Truth is where you find it, not where it is said to be found.1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroups alt.clearing.technology and alt.religion.scientology using the identity 'Public Relations'. See About Scienotology Public Relations for more information. 

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