BTs vs Attention Units

BTs, clusters, monitors, machinery, etc all have one common element. This element is a sort of basic-basic on what these items are really all about and that is Attention Units. What is an Attention Unit?

Attention Units are actually theta particles and they can be found everywhere. These particles range from singular, sub-atomic sized pieces of MEST, to created viewpoints. This is all very interesting, but how was all of this actually created? Where do theta particles come from?

Theta is the demonstration of the immortal nothingness. It is how the nothingness impinges upon it's perceived environment and it takes the form of accepted time, place, form and event within that perceived environment. How much theta does the immortal nothingness create? Individually, the potential is unlimited and is only restricted by the amount of theta postulated by the Static Thetan.

It sounds all very vague, and it is. Defining that which is undefinable is an impossibility. All we can do is approximate, in our crude terms, what we may perceive at a particular time, and that perception is open to radical change within any given time reference. It is a slippery truth, and from this universe, there will never be solid answer.

Perception of causation must be made from a viewpoint more closely aligned with that which is desired to be perceived. There must be affinity and to be that close to the answer scares us all.

We have been trained to be afraid of leaving, not just of our bodies, but of our "homes", and the reason for that is that there exists those who wish to use us as games pieces. Along the way, it has been taught that bodies are but shells, and are there for us to play with. The same applies to our viewpoints, which we ultimately "are".

Being free, and thereby causative, over our bodies is but one small step. To go further, we must learn how to be causative over our viewpoints. We are not our viewpoints, so don't be fooled into associating our viewpoints with us. We are much greater than our bodies, and we are much, much more than our viewpoints. Once we perceive this difference, the next level presents itself as all opportunities do.

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