Technological Advancement and the Deification of Originators

This is another message in our continuing effort to provide the public with honest and fully truthful information.

The technology of clearing spiritually perceived areas of upset is a wonderful endeavor in which many have ventured, but in which few have successfully escaped. Our organization is no exception.

According to age-old principals, spiritual advancement, once a particular area of examination has been completed, continues along another line of study. Sometimes, you may even see multiple lines of examination being in existence simultaneously. In all cases, the end point of each subject area is ultimately achieved and the next area of interest is then selected for further discovery.

Gradiently, the subject areas become more encompassing according to each individual's needs and wants. This flows naturally, as if it is an inherent ability of the spiritual realm. This flow occasionally becomes entangled with someone else's idea of greatness at which time we begin to intermix our own goals and dreams with those of another. Our advancement becomes aligned more closely with those who we have become convinced encompass a much greater understanding than our own, thereby subjugating ourselves to someone else's dreams of discovery. We become the friend to another that we have always wished for ourselves.

We look to these others, who have now become something greater than ourselves, as those who can lead us into worlds of discovery that we never knew existed. They know the riches of discovery and seeking these, we seek the approval for the right to share in the forthcoming rewards. We begin to deify the righteousness, who embody the will and power to unlock untold doors of discovery. These bold discoverers, we will blindly follow. The path of our own spiritual discovery has become one of discovery for another while leaving ourselves in an emptiness which we deny. We empower the lines of solidity to these adventurers to a greatness not seen since the creation of time.

Time has seen spiritual discovery come and go. Those who lay claim, hence ownership, of those discoveries seek to create more "friends" in which to assist their own endeavors of discovery. May we suggest an alternative?

Group minds of discovery can provide valuable insights in one's own route of discovery. Recognizing this allows one to expand upon the knowledge gained from each grouping of like-minded spiritual beings. The idea of never withdrawing allegiance from a group is a suppressive one and further encourages "like-mindedness". We are not all the same. We all enjoy our paths of discovery at different rates, times and effort put forth. Further, not all spiritual beings require a "group-mind" approach to enhance their path of discovery, nor do they require a particular being in which to place their authority for "proper" discovery.

Eternal allegiance to groups and individuals, from a spiritual perspective, is not a recommended path to enhance one's own spiritual exploration. Many people will find that as they progress through life, their friends and acquaintances change according to their awareness. The same could apply to groups. If you remain at some particular point on your road of discovery, you may notice that the scenery never changes. For some, this is a good thing, but you may feel otherwise.

Groups and individuals are subjects of examination on our paths of discovery. Usually, they are not the goal of our own search and discovery.

When you stop to smell the flowers, don't forget that other flowers are awaiting your discovery.

Public Relations
Church of Scienotology International

*** Please Note:

Although these "Public Relations" postings have been made using an organizational name similar to that of the Church of Scientology, this does not mean that these public statements are in any way associated with that corporate entity or with any of it's many corporate offshoots.

The thoughts and ideas expressed within these statements may be similar in a perceived overall philosophic nature, but please do not take this to mean that we are in any way associated with, or have received the acknowledgement of, the above organization.

We believe that spiritual attainment is beyond the scope of mortal man and that the legal issues arising from those who seek to destroy that attainment merely obfuscate the truth.

Truth is where you find it, not where it is said to be found.1

  1. This article was posted to the newsgroups and alt.religion.scientology using the identity 'Public Relations'. See About Scienotology Public Relations for more information. 

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