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Smile For The Camera

Pictures are worth a thousand… nothings. ..

Are We Free Yet?

How is it that we are so easily convinced of our freedom while being completely bound and gagged. From our prison cell we imagine freedom and so it appears as reality. As we immerse ourselves in the appearance and leave reality behind we become…

Gazing At The Stars

Reaching out and looking up we extend our reach, further and further our quest leads us on, evermore. Killing time we pace the boardwalk listening and watching. Others exist and in our madness we refuse to believe. What is it that spurs our…

The Moment Of Now

There is a power, a force, headed this way and if you become part of the moving morass of humanity, then surely the future will hold what you wish for. Stepping outside of the time stream, awakening occurs and in that awakening, Life blossoms….

HK : Show and Tell

Particles = pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Maybe thats why there are so many damn pictures floating about. Observing these haphazardly strewn about, is it any wonder that “thetans” will begin “tuning” them out?..

Window Shopping

Walking through Life, we seek the immediacy of experience. When it comes to emotive stimulus, the time of now exists like no other. We want it and we want it bad. Seeking this, we are willing to create any effect, any effect at all, in order…

Life Energy Games

Life Energy Games, if compared to The Pilot’s compendium on thetan history, lies somewhere between the Jewel of Knowledge and the Reality Wars. During this time period, energy and it’s possible uses was explored. Much can be done with energy, it…

Picture Perfect

Processing pictures leads to the state of “Clear”. Processing more pictures leads to the state of “Operating Thetan”. Processing even more pictures leads to the wonderful state of “Total Freedom”. Pictures are worth a thousand words and several…

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