Smile For The Camera

Pictures are worth a thousand... nothings.


"That is their game, to get you to view, or evaluate the story from within the story."


It's called a land-mine. When you step on the story line, as in believing, you are done for. Welcome to your 'new' reality!1 2


"Another technique was the association of images with signs, markings, and figures in Latin, or just the simple association of text with images – like the modern blogs of today..."


I love this.

  1. Hallelujah! It's really a very tricky method of capturing attention. See the footnote in My Head Is Spinning for a visual. 

  2. Once you believe the propaganda, whether it comes from so-called official sources or otherwise, you become subject to it's urge to live a full and very happy life. Lies must be sustained through a healthy nutritious regimen - constantly.

    It's not easy to devote so much time, energy and the american way into such things without help. I am so glad that most people are willing slaves and kowtow to such demands. But this explains a lot about where people are coming from and their own condition.

    Life reflects life. 

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