The Wild-life

This is something that I just have to say.

Living the mobile life means that we have to have a place to land for the night. It's not as easy as you might think, at least not for us and one of the requirements of landing for the night is being okay with the fact of being in an animal cesspool. I'm not kidding.

People in a 'mobile' life style love pets. I'd put it at about 98%. These people just love the animals that they drag around with them by leash or otherwise with the overwhelming majority being dogs. Large, small who cares, just as long as they can pack one, two, three or four in their little living space. I've heard of company being a compliment but give me a break.

Along with the extra long leashes comes the extra long reach of dog shit. Pissing all over the place is a given and no matter the plastic bags full of shit that their 'owners' proudly display and carry with pride it still doesn't disguise the fact that it's a cesspool of animal crap and piss.

It's disgusting.

I've seen owner's have their animals piss and shit in whatever camp site they feel like 'honoring'. Public signs are 'public' property right? Why not give it a good coating of piss. Never mind the fact of little kids coming along and touching those very same signs.

It just makes me sick. The whole of it.1

  1. There, I think I got that out of my system. At least I hope so. I'd better because nothing is going to change other than my outlook. As a side note: The prevalent mentally around these here parts falls in line perfectly with the 'whole of it'. 

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