Diaretical Diatribe

Diaretical: as in diary. These days my postings have been run right along these barriers. But don’t take my word for it, I’m just a delivery man.

If trees could talk what would you have them say? “Kill the hue-mans.”?

If ‘dead’ people could talk would they really need a ‘medium’ with which to do that? Trapping one’s self in a box of ignorance does the job, does it not?

There are a lot of things that meander similarly through the idea of killing the hue-mans but a ‘weakness’ of mine is that I tend to feel sad for the ‘children’. Poor souls, out to do no good and yet there they are, all covered in road grime.1

It’s not the outlook that counts it’s the experience, right?

This is my diary and I’m sticking to it, even when you have no idea what the hell is going on. But the sad part is that you don’t even care about that. Special treatment for special needs.

So exactly who really has the ‘dis-ability’ anyway?

Threading the eye of the needle requires something much more than a daft display of self-righteousness. I’m sorry to tell you that no, we are not all in this together. Sometimes being the only adults2 in the room requires great sacrifice. Sure, you can mistakenly believe that it all comes down to a cross but that would be foolish.3 4

Not to leave any ‘free-thinker’ behind but I’d rather. Being caught in one’s own torment5 is more than enough in my book. But most times the ignorant like company so I tend to leave ‘em alone, mainly because I am not alone. Moving into that arena is best left to the ‘holy’ Roman Empire and it’s ceaseless devotion to gladiatorial ‘debates’. Sheessh!

Have you been following my thread of discourse thus far? Take it from me that you don’t want to go there because if you do you will have to come to terms with that which you refuse to do so. It’s what is keeping you alive is it not?

If only you really knew, which you do, what ‘alive’ really means and is. Never mind that though, break out the party favors because everyone else is warming up to the wild, wonderful party that it all is turning out to be.6

Not to be outdone, the adults in the room always come back to settle the score. And the thing is, is that there is nothing that you can do about it but sink your head into shame and nod yes. Yes, that you’ve been naughty and Santa is not pleased. But the bright side is that you get to make amends so as to set things right. Of course it’s never by your choosing because if that were so the party would continue not only into the night7 but well beyond.

These aren’t the ‘end times’, like it or not. Just because a Chapter may turn it’s page or two it doesn’t mean that your little foray into the Universe has come to an end. Hardly. Sometimes parents use scare tactics in order to catch hold of the attention so as to have an idea stick better in the ground so that it has a better chance of growing. That about sums up much of the current state of affairs. On the other hand, the other shoe tends to fall.

It’s not about scaring the living daylights out of anyone. There is no such thing as ‘balance’, ‘karma’ or whatever. It’s all a trick of the mind and for some reason you’d rather trick or treat as dressed rather than be something else. That ‘something else’ is not a thing left up for discussion. Take off your goofy rose-colored glasses and go with the circus clown nose instead. It’s so much more ‘you’.

Ok kids, back to the party…

  1. Ever see pictures of those big-eyed kids that some woman painted. Freakin’ sad looking. Crickey I hate those! Never mind that, I hope you get that ‘road grime’ part as it relates to life ‘experience’. 

  2. Plural. Nod your head… yes, you get it. 

  3. Infidel! Please don’t shoot the delivery man but if you really have to, please clean up the place after the stoning. Leaving your room in a mess doesn’t send a good message. 

  4. I’ve never read the bible or any other ‘sacred’ works mainly because these things are for the masses of ignorance. Once you know and understand the basics, morality is like child’s play. Well ok, adult responsibility. 

  5. Aka imagination. Think ‘thought’ process. 

  6. Laughing at my own jokes isn’t really good manners but sometimes I just can’t help it. Especially with loaded comments. 

  7. Did you ‘get’ that? 

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