Mobile Me

I'm on the move.

House, gone. Kids, out the door. Job, long, long gone.1 Wife, well... sometimes people put up with me and some... don't. What the hell are you doing here anyway?2 Don't ask me 'cuz I just live here.

These days I'm in my roving diesel machine going from here to there and god-forbid not back again. This is actually nothing new as we've been gypsies since from about day one.3 Besides all that and for some reason, the writing style, format and what-have-you has changed quite a bit here on this 'homestead'. I'm not a 'convert' but you might look for me in the back where all the 'good' stuff is stored away and apart from the prying eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public. Yeah, I see you.

For some reason I'm still alive and kicking - still haven't quite figured that one out yet but don't worry, I'm not working on it. Call it fate or the throw of the bones. Whatever floats yer boat because I don't travel down that road -- at all. Welcome to the universe where things happen.4

You might see me out there in the wilderness perhaps by chance or by design but I can tell you with full conviction that what you will run across is nothing but appearances and ghostly apparitions come to settle the score in a manner of speaking. I can be the scales of justice but like I've said all along, I'm quite afraid of that.5 But don't let that stop you from joining the human race and becoming all that you can be for Mankind. Yes, the push is on. Don't pretend that you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Things in this universe don't just go bump in the night, they go all bat-shit crazy. So when you decide to hold on to your belongings.... good luck to you. Remember, I'm just a gypsy6 traveling the dusty road without purpose or plan.

I wish I could say that I'm following the plan, but I can't because the only 'plan' there is, is rooted in a creative expression of what the universe requires and even that is stretching it.7

I suppose the whole point of this little tidbit is to just put it all out there as to what is going on and to clarify the standpoint from which it all happens from. Both of those things could be one and the same but I'll leave that for you to come to terms with. Meanwhile, movement happens and damn, I'm glad for it. Without purpose and plan 'happenings' are about the only excitement this side of the border. Remember when I say that I don't want to cross the tracks... but I will.

I've got friends in many, many places8 because I don't create enemies along the way of leaving breadcrumbs throughout the universe.9 I love the fact of being at home on either side of the tracks. Maybe that's why I'd wear my 'outside' slippers, outside. But since then I've moved on to sometimes doing that.

What does that mean?10

  1. As if I can go that route. 

  2. Perhaps the other way 'round, eh? 

  3. Actually for me it was day one a long, long eon ago. And then time moved on and carried little 'ol me along the path of death, destruction and the second coming. 

  4. Time for a good chuckle here. 

  5. True. 

  6. Just as a sort of a reminder, when I use the word 'gypsy' I'm talking about traveling, nothing else. So if you've got some other idea in mind, keep it to yourself because it don't mean jack here. 

  7. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to keep up with whatever the hell is going on in the universe but for some reason I don't have that problem. 

  8. They say that no man is an island but sometimes responsibility requires exactly that. 

  9. Poetic because I don't leave footprints on the shore. 

  10. Leaving with a good chuckle here. 

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