The Mystery of Man

I don't make myself known.

Sure, I've got a website and post the ever-popular 'crazy' notions that things are not what they appear and perhaps even delve into far-out 'imaginings', but that doesn't change anything. I am under the radar in the same way that I am behind those who, as it may be said, lead. You don't know me and in all likelihood never will.

I am a listener.

I do a lot of listening. Some love to speak and so in providing that opportunity I gain knowledge. I have no need to speak since there is nothing that I must convince anyone of nor do I have the need to peacock my way around the universe. Where I step footprints do not exist. Well ok, they do but it usually requires an insight most beings are just not willing to take which is a whole different subject matter. Oh, and don't forget that those 'footprints' always lead1.

I don't have a life

Life and it's companion 'living' are concepts that I don't really play around with much. There are other things in this universe far, far more interesting. At least to me.

Welcome to the 'real' world.

Like I already said, I've got a website and could care less if no one shows up. The website isn't there to attract converts or any other type of 'con' imaginable.

Pretend you didn't read this.

This message will self destruct in 30 seconds. Good luck with your mission.

  1. As in leading the follower. 

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