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Every Single Thing

In trespassing we find purpose, sometimes especially when we least expect it. Our point of view carries us forward and then after a while we find out that it actually pushes us forward, many times to our detriment. In the pits of hell we do... 13 Feb 2021

Hearing Is Not Seeing

In the twilight zone of life and living there are many strange occurrences which occupy both our time and attention. In the playground of the mind there is a tendency to lose one's self amongst the mirror and mirrors of our divine nature.... 01 Jun 2019

The Mystery of Man

I don't make myself known. Sure, I've got a website and post the ever-popular 'crazy' notions that things are not what they appear and perhaps even delve into far-out 'imaginings', but that doesn't change anything. I am under the radar... 27 Mar 2018

Questions, Questions...

Q: If I live a life full of meaning will it make my death meaningful as well? A: If you spend a lifetime pursuing your own reality you can be assured that your death will be quite meaningless. So sorry to tell you that however difficult it has... 04 Apr 2016

Breaking The Vow Of Silence

Breaking the vow of Silence takes on new meaning when the power of conviction overwhelms the mind with reality. Muffled desire becomes unleashed and the chains in which we have taken solace begin to fall apart with disinterest. When we silence... 02 Dec 2001

Call Me Names

I am a flexible kind of person. Do you wish for me to become your enemy, an enslaver of mankind? I can do that. Do you wish for me to further the search for spiritual truth and self discovery? I can do that. Do you wish for me to subscribe whole... 24 Aug 2001

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