Every Single Thing

In trespassing we find purpose, sometimes especially when we least expect it. Our point of view carries us forward and then after a while we find out that it actually pushes us forward, many times to our detriment. In the pits of hell we do indeed find purpose but is that the point of living in a world where we have made our little contribution to insanity? We must do our part, we are told and so we live up to the task and come out the other end scratching our heads perplexed as to our outcomes. Eventually we find ourselves and sanity returns but in the between times where does that leave us?

There are always those who agree with our purpose and plan and then the other shoe falls where we learn that as long as we go along to get along our sheep serves us well. Is that the cattle call I hear or just the empty echoes of a long lost soul wandering aimlessly out in the vastness of time, space and immaterial objects. It can be frightening to look at one's self in the mirror.

In baseless theory we drive pretension so that we may look good but in a shallow world there is no just reward other than the consequence to which we have already steered well away from. With so many roads to travel who can say where we are or where we are going even in the face of an onslaught of signs, symbols and bad dreams. Will we ever wake up?

So says the sleeping masses hell bent on selfish pursuits of an objectification which will never come to pass. Isn't that what hopes and dreams are for, to full-fill the empty promises with which we have guaranteed ourselves in the pursuit of life, liberty and the inescapable dearth of meaning. Where oh where has all the time gone? Have you even noticed?

Some things never change even in the face of a total change. Ya gotta want it.

If it is true that time waits for no Man then why the long face. Sooner or later we all find ourselves right back at the same place from which our dreams began. Was it a full-filling 'journey' full of ups, downs and sideways or is the cup still empty.

Sooner or later nothing happens and in that moment it all takes place. Every. Single. Thing.


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