Taking The Heat Off

In choosing, consequence knocks on the door of opportunity and reveals itself in full glory. A choice is always made sometimes seemingly without a consciousness nod of attention. Things happen around us and sometimes it takes a wee bit of attention to not only notice but to embrace it's demonstration. We are all of a part of something and nothing happens without our participation. Our lives matter.

Swimming against the tide takes a whole lot of effort and so it may be best left up to those of worthy stature, stamina and stupidity. Going against the grain runs us all raw and to the core. Participation in crimes against the stream of life is but a fool's errand honoring images of self-aligned greatness. Are we so great of mind to deceive ourselves into believing anything and everything aligned with the effortless stupidity nurtured and well-cared for as transient caretakers upon the garden of prosperity.

As long as we reap justified rewards we become satiated with self-gratitude reveling in our nature as imagined. My what a pretty picture we reflect. Unfortunately that reflection is borne upon the winds of an eternity most find redemption in, or at least eventually.

Yes, we all come to the end of the road eventually but let us not forget the old adage that it's about the journey not the destination.

May your journey be fraught with peril. Perhaps it already is. Why not be glad for the excitement of experience, it's what most long for and derive their sense of being from.

I can only shake my head at such non-sense but who am I to buck the tide of solid agreement. The wind blows about us all. Not all find meaning in that but some do. It's not about the battle of wills but about the worst enemy we have ever imagined - our selves.

Be kind to your self - and others. Though we all deserve our experiential delights not all wake from slumber long enough to rock the universe with understanding. We all have our place in the universe.

Find yours.

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