Cracking The Egg

Times passes and in the space of between all becomes not just clear but razor sharp. 1 The world view may appear as one thing or another but in definition the results of our past becomes not just known, but clearly represented and expressed.2 There are no secrets.

Upon this wonderful planet all things are possible, all roads prepared for travel and way stations properly established for those in need. Perhaps more appropriately, for those in just need. In either case free will can drive Men mad.3 We can all become one thing or another fighting the good fight of our lives so that we may end up right where we started with the addition of a badge of honor defined as a twinkle in our eye. Yes, we made it.

Classrooms are like that but we are not in grade school or any other incorporated soul-less entity. But alas, our dreams require us to toss and turn in anxiety, full of a manufactured fear with which we have adorned ourselves with. Just to let you know, there is no us.4

In growth we tend to see trends taking us on a journey who knows where as we bind ourselves to all else. In hiding we pull the strings of our puppet and loudly proclaim, "Look! It lives!" As we take it all in our serious disposition gives away our long-held desires to remain stationary, engrossed in our fixation. My, how lovely we look in the mirror of Life and Living!

Movement does not occur of it's own accord.

And yet the sidelines are filled with onlookers excitingly pointing and gasping at the circus performers. If all the world's a stage then surely we must be the chairs in the audience upon which great Men undertake great deeds.

Please, don't be a door mat.

  1. If you are paying attention. 

  2. Holding back one's breath of life creates the vacuum of purpose and plan in which all things come to pass. Sometimes we just gotta let it happen

  3. Species. 

  4. There, I said it. 

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