Emptying The Cupboards of Our Dreams

In dreaming we find that we are. Without substance we take on form and delight in our ever expanding universe and dream of things yet to come. Where would we be without eternity?

Gazing upon our virtues we slide the next adventure into the projector and become what we see relishing in the delights that come to pass. In so 'finding' our selves we take home our lessons and incorporate them into the next day's lesson plan. Shall we ever run out?

As the circle of life comes upon us we turn the dial so as to gain but another round from which to sustain ourselves. If we are to be then surely we must become.

Legends tells us that in the days of old there were no days but moments in time in which we find our expressions written upon the sands of time so that we may take notice. It is not you who returns home.

Waking is best left to those who sleep well and so arise but in the arising of our nature there is no arising. So how can there be a 'sleeping' if there is no one 'awake' to perceive such? Fooling ourselves we create the universe in which we live so as to experience our selfish delights. In fact, there is no fooling that which is neither dead nor alive so all is for naught, or so it seems. In perception we are but ignores the fact of that which initiates such.

In sustained so-called ignorance we find that we are despite the fact that it has never been 'lost'.

My, aren't we looking wonderful today.

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