As The Battle Rages

There is quite a disturbance in the force these days and it's nice to see that enough sleeping souls have entered into the foray so as to tip the scales of justice. This is not about good and evil but about one's own evolution into the being called you. It's what the Mirror of Life and Living is all about, made just for you1 and delivered as a timely fashion right to your very front door.

Turning left or right makes no difference on the path of sobriety. When the music stops and we all frantically seek out a seat of glory there is a telling in the telling. Some children's games are appropriate for all age levels2.

In the battle for one's own wit all sorts of characters come into play. It's a natural state of being is it not? But never mind that, turning the page becomes much more interesting when there is foreknowledge of what is to come or at the very least an expectation. Choose wisely.

As evolution unfolds there is always an expectation but my, what a lovely day it is that it all happens in. Would you not agree?

All roads lead from whence to wither.

Are you there yet?

  1. See, we are all 'special'. 

  2. Looking out across the vast sea of perpetuity I'd say all games suitably fit the wearer. It's not a one size fits all but rather all become reduced to one size so as to have a place in the universe which we can then lovingly call 'home'. 

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