Hurry To Worry

Though there are few among us who proclaim the harmony with which we are all endowed never-the-less it exists. From imagination to determination the mental process evolves. This is not a detriment by any degree but merely a marker upon which life indelibly leaves it's imprint. We are all part of something much greater than ourselves.

To seek is to find but in finding we discover that our field of vision further expands to encompass a little something beyond our wildest dreams. We live to evolve but this too is a lie told in the backrooms of bars and brothels. Purity has no place among the untainted and true of heart. Though it may seem contradictory, it mostly certainly is not. In playing games we become the pawns which are moved in little regard to ultimate outcomes. As a way to means shallow lives are lived and lost.

Turbulent times requires a transitory nature and in so conjuring torment, we live completely absorbed in mindless matter. There are rules of the road and then there are rules of the road. Where one merely embarks upon a journey the other defines existence. There is no way out of a maelstrom purely concocted by the minds of Man other than through trial and error. Why the secrecy?

In truth we must live and die. Lest individual truth be treated as royalty we must abide in a foundation built upon a knowledge born of necessity. These are the times that try men's souls.

There is no way out and there is no beginning to the end of consequence. We are what we are and always demonstrate what we have become. We are the living and breathing breath of everlasting life.

So why the hurry to worry?

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