Waging An Honorable War

There is no 'honor' in war. There is no 'honor' is disparaging conversations where the listener becomes the oppressed. Plowing the fields with negative intent destroys not only 'society' but 'human' nature. There is no way out so why the hurry to scorch the Earth? In policy, demands are met but unfortunately the reality is that a convoluted path to destruction becomes ingrained such as a locomotive barreling down upon a reality that cannot1 change.

When 'progress' becomes a marker then we have surely lost. Some find comfort in being controlled while others find comfort where it is given. Unbestowed, we live in a perpetual flux seeking and 'finding'2. The rules of chess required participation and so does the universe. We are all characters upon the stage singing and swaying to the director's every whim. Or so we think.

The rules of the road are that there are no rules. It is not about the 'freedom' to do what thou whilst but the freedom to understand the road upon which one finds their footsteps treading. It's not the path but the weight being carried which attempts to define us. There is indeed no way out.

Facing the possibility of our own demise quickens the pace and so our reflections become undeniable and untenable. Something must be done. And so it is.

Few are those who take but a brief respite in order to attend to the immediacy of now. In the blink of an eye all things occur and taking the time to glorify it's moment is a wonder to behold.

If you come upon a moment where all things coalesce into uniformity, where all things suddenly proclaim in a large or small unifying voice of attention that you are, well then, welcome. It's not that you have ever left but more along the lines that pretension can carry us far far away into distant lands where by being so far removed all sort of things take place. As the sales literature proclaims, a new experience around ever bend, a new existence behind every door, and a new center of beingness with every bite.

There is no 'honor' in war so please stop trying to battle your own worst enemy - your self.

In self creation we find purpose but something far more sinister has to come about before that can happen. It's called the battle of 'good' and 'evil' and you are it.

It's okay to change the channel.

  1. Yes, it's a laughing matter. 

  2. Uh-huh. 

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