Walking In The Shadows

It's true, I do keep a low profile. It's not about relegating an ego to the waste bin nor is it about standing firm against the tides of good and evil. All things in this universe ebb and flow as nature intends. There isn't anything we can do about it. It's not accepting fate but about being an integral part of this universe in which we ourselves, ebb and flow like the tides of eternity bearing upon the sands of time. One must know where one stands.

In purpose we find desire and in so doing light the torch of consequence where judgement falls upon us by the hardest of taskmasters, ourselves. I am neither the judge nor the jury but merely a concerned citizen sitting among the audience watching the inevitable play out1. Is it any wonder that one's attention can drift to all sorts of avenues. But that is not me.

Standing firm means that one has a firm stand. Kind of like staking one's self to a pivot point where everything comes to a fruition and then... moves on. The universe is like that, ever changing on it's way to an end point well beyond the mind and minds of Man. Nothing can be done other than to pretend to have done. Is there more to life and living than a quick respite in consciousness? Perhaps this is the dream in which we are 'living'.

In the darkness there is no sight to behold and so creation takes over and shines the light of being upon us. But how is it that a perception of darkness exists in the first place? What exactly is the dark? The use of 'light' is but a reference point from which to survey the land before our eyes.

Perhaps the point is that if you close your eyes you no longer 'be' but 'are'. You can't chase your tail if it's not there and neither can you achieve glorious rewards. We are as we are - it's the whole point of creation.

The rest is up to you.

  1. It's always the same. Sometimes I fall asleep during the especially boring parts where every action, line and sinker shows it's self again and again, and then again. You get the picture. 

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