Mouse Trap

There was an old game that was quite a barrel of monkeys to play and enjoy. It involved an elaborate scheme via a convoluted methodology to indicate and entrap the ever-elusive mouse. It involved quite a setup but keeping in mind the eventual outcome made the effort worthwhile and rewarding of and in itself. Pieces arranged just so, intricate interlaced mechanics arranged just so and an over-all extended concerto all coming together in time, space and local dialect. For game players it's like fantasy come-to-life enacting itself upon the world's stage for all to see and perhaps understand.

It all begins with a plan. For those who define time as linear it makes little sense how future events occur in a present environment to be seen and unseen at will but none-the-less reality is as it is and no matter the amount of ripples 'caused' upon the reflecting pool it makes no matter.

We see what we see and entrapping that darn elusive rat can be as complicated as we wish or as simple as we make it.

It is true, we define our existence.1


Merry Christmas!2

  1. While this is true the mouse trap is but a tale in allegory. If the pieces fit, wear them. 

  2. No, not the satanic version. 

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