Wandering the fields.... of Life

Life presents it's self in many, many ways and forms. Just when we think we've got it all figured out wham!, a curve ball comes our way.

I don't like sports. Mostly because of it's big following, as if it means some thing or another. It doesn't. Sorry to burst the bubble of self happiness but reality has a different 'spin'.

All roads lead to Rome. No, not the 'Rome' of historical disrepute but of the harbinger of things to be. In complete disregard to what we believe the path before us has sign posts along the way that explicitly state to 'ignore the signs'. Kind of like using a mirror to get a good view of Medusa. We are the mirror.

Perception requires one to perceive. Sight is such a beautiful thing to behold. From here to there reality takes us on a journey of discovery. Amazingly there are dark holes of ignorance where knowledge gets a respite from active seeking and destroying. It is good to sink into the abyss of wide-eyed awareness where perception is ever-vigilant and yet as we take a back seat to it all we can say that yes, we are not involved, that we have not been drawn in to the game of life and living.

Feel better now?

As we move on the ends may _appear_to justify the means but in reality we are the means, make no mistake about it. We have landed and are now the proud parents of our new born. I hope that you are happy.

Indeed, I hope that you are happy.

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