Walking In A Willfull Time of Deceit

Striding horses bear no name when viewed from afar and yet here we are watching in anticipation with a will-full vengeance in our heart. Bursting with righteousness we feel the righteousness and yet, and yet emptiness lies at our door step awaiting it's rightful place in history. Viewing from afar we misplace our footsteps and so the consequence and consequences of our behavior bear fruit the likeness of which we tend to shun with disrepute and most importantly, disgust.

And yet, here we are.

Lives loved, lost and everything in between we yearn for more and so in seeking we forget our very nature. To stand tall and be seems beyond our nature and yet, here we are. Go ahead and give that a moment to work it's way into a magical interface.

The door is always open and yet discerning the same can be an almost impossible task. If we live to learn then where oh where are the 'rewards', our just rewards? Firmly planted upon the abode of peace we look elsewhere. Foolishness had no bounds, at least that is what I've heard through the grapevine.

Standing firm we stand tall. Nothing else need be said nor done in contrast to all who scream from the tallest mount that something must be done. If only the wise would listen to their echoes of thunder.

Here is not where you think it is.

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