There Is No Freedom

Looking forward1 we see our reflection, blinding us in complete disregard. As we have lived, so shall we. But the moral of the story is that change does indeed occur. Sometimes purposefully and, perhaps, at other times seemingly random. We become the effect of that which we are.

In a moment of genius we revel in our glory, comfortable in the knowledge that our knowledge reigns supreme. In that moment of self-righteousness all becomes lost and as the seconds tick by we slowly realize that we must pick up the baton and full-fill our duty, running for all eternity2.

As we seek with recompense our enduring faith, little do we realize that ‘freedom’ is just another word salad approach to meaningless jibberishness brought on by a bout of insanity3.

There is no freedom other than in the hearts and minds of Man4.

No one is in a ‘war’, there is no battle to be fought and won over other than in a delightful screen of projected imagination. There are no winners because there are no losers and since no divisible line exists, what then is the problem5?

Creation can be ‘replicated’ in order to define separation and even though there are plenty of buyers that doesn’t mean anything other than a fashion statement of ill repute. Not all need purchase into the ‘death’ of perception. Amazingly, the Universe provides for a lighted ‘exit’ sign pointing the way forward to clarity. One need only realize that someone already pulled the fire alarm long, long ago as a signal that not all is well in the Land of the Living.

Asleep, we dream. Clutching our purses we rush to ‘safety’ little realizing that our fill and frills have absolutely no meaning other than to drown our sorrows. Not all, but quite a hefty crowd.

So my ‘advice’ is to leave the crowd behind and stop running for their ‘exit’. It’s not what you think.

  1. Or any other direction for that matter. 

  2. That’s funny! 

  3. Here’s Johnny! Jack Nicholson did a great impression. 

  4. That should tell you something. 

  5. Yeah, go ahead and answer that one. 

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