The March of The Wooden Soldiers

Step by step things are moving along on the road of certainty. It is a well-travelled1 road filled with all sorts of experiences. Perhaps that is the point of the road itself but don't tell those upon it, especially those full immersed within it's beauty and awe. Come to think of it, that 'beauty and awe' thing has me pretty well starry-eyed anyway.2

Beings upon the roads or sands of time come and go quite frequently. It's like a revolving door to a busy office building, spinning round and round like a playground see-saw.3 Some liken it to in-between lives where all sorts of interchanges and crossroads are made and take place. It's all the same, experience flows in and determination flows out.4

I seem to be wandering...

But that is the point isn't it? To wander the Universe in search of one thing or another, to seek and find new life, new experiences, new anything. I'm sorry to report that all new experience has been used and abused to no end and so will be cancelled following tonight's show. Sorry to be the bearer but someone must carry the cross, right?5

Life never changes but there is a neat little trick that can be used as wool over the eyes of wisdom. When one concentrates upon the grain of thought the sea recedes and the beach suddenly becomes populated with a whole slew of hot babes desperately seeking and needing some suntan lotion which just happens to be residing in your back pocket. You know, just for such an occasion.

You can use whatever gender you wish for a nice stroll down memory lane but I assure you that it will not make the slightest difference. If you don't believe me, go ahead and give it a try, or two or three or whatever. Despite it being currently fashionable the birthday suit really is meaningless.6

Roads can be like rivers but roads just can't live up to the charm of a river - especially in conscious motion. But roads certainly do have their own particular purpose and plan. It's been said that there is no time but try traversing a road backwards without it.7 When a being is conscious all sorts of interesting and comparatively 'unusual' things can and most certainly do happen.8

Sometimes a companion is needed or even required for one's life-long journey. I wonder if there is a need or a personal lacking that becomes evident when we need another to help us wipe the dust off our boots. Perhaps it is just the type of road we travel. I suppose we should just blame it all on the travel agent. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Maybe we should have taken the river cruise boat for a lazy trip down the Nile awakening into slumber at just the right moment. Okay, you can skip the awakening and go right into knowing what the hell you are doing. Sometimes it's best not to look into the Mirror of Life and Living as it can scare the crap out of you. Children do run in terror at the thought. Unfortunately we do not all enjoy a youth that lasts forever since deception can drain our beauty and leave us old, wrinkly and fatigued. Sometimes even disfigured but who cares when the babes on the beach are not just calling but demanding attention. Lets have children, that will solidify our roles and ensure that we were right to begin with.

Can the tide be right or is it just an optical illusion that something is happening?

All you have to do is look.

  1. It's a purposeful spelling and seems to endure time quite well. 

  2. Perhaps in a different sort of way. 

  3. Do you get the contrary similarities? I could explain it all but that isn't very fun, is it? Sticking to the ebb and flow of mindless wanderings is a different road so let's leave that for another traveller. 

  4. Mapping out the future is part of Life and Living 

  5. Yes, there is always someone to blame, someone else to carry the responsibility of life, living and our own pursuit of an idealistic happiness that always seems to escape our grimy little mitts. 

  6. Especially in light of the genetic degradation going on through the fiddling of just about everything. Sheesh, how come some people can't leave well enough alone? 

  7. Riddle me this. 

  8. Miracles do not exist and neither do I. 

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