Struggling Through the Soup of Eternity

Lives are won and lost on a dime and yet here we are, living out our hopes and dreams waiting for a savior to nonchalantly pass by and give us the big notice. Yes, we are here! Jumping up and down we excitedly call for grace, and then we realize we are once again lost in our thoughts conjuring up all sorts of crap in order to entertain our wandering lust for adventure. As we realize life has purpose and plan surely we are written into the script of all that we see and experience.

Placing but another quarter into the well-worn slot we expect that our expectations will arise to the occasion of our dreams. We demand justice!

If there is a god of this universe then surely there must be many, many more to compensate for the plethora of travels we unveil before our wandering eyes. Yes, there is a Santa Clause!

Will the enforcing will confide in us that such fantasies are best left to the children of Men? While movement does create the ebb and flow of time and events standing still requires something of a much different caliber. If all revolves around us then what is the hurry to arrive?

Time has no limitation and yet here we are being that which we take great pride in. Is that the ultimate 'problem' to which we subscribe? Gossip has it's merits but only for the self-evolved beings of 'great' power and glory.

Watch care-fully where you step. I wouldn't want you to step into something which tends to rile the nose and hearts of 'modern' Man.

You see, there is nothing new in the Universe. This or the next, makes no matter.

What does matter is where you are right now and the what of your will.

Rest easy, as there is nothing to worry about. Since there are no worries, what is the cause for alarm?

Striking into the hearts and minds of Man there is no good or evil. There is only you and what you make of it.

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