Drip, Drip Goes Perpetuity

Drip, drip goes perpetuity, onward in it's journey of 'discovery'. How is one to come to rest when there is so much diversity to be explored1. Onward in our bold attempts at discovering just who it is that runs the show but the house of cards, like the jester, reveals little but the effervescence of entertainment. Behold the pale horse of knowledge in which to wrap ourselves with and in so doing proclaim a heritage that no one gives a rip out.

Steadfast we become throughout the ages just so that we may find and embrace the sure footedness of righteousness. Is it all a trick of the mind or is our reflection oh so pretty. Glamor has it's own rewards but due diligence trumps it all. Peaking behind the curtain discover comes to be revealed. Not all live up to the task at hand but this is at it should be. Someone must be left behind to tell the tale.

Pursuing our individual truths we become like the beached whale, without purpose or plan death becomes us. Where is it that we go from here said the wise sage as we wonder and lose ourselves in the gaze of their eyes. Something is afoot. Something is indeed afoot.

Ripples upon the pond of life reveals to us that movement is and has occurred. Drawing us in deeper we find that we become and in that becoming definition takes form and shape. We are what we are.

And in that moment we find that we indeed, are.

In extending the hand of gracious hospitality the invitation becomes proposed. The question, laid at your doorstep is, will you accept?

  1. I could keep putting quote marks around particular words but it becomes tiresome so I'll leave it to the reader to wonder the which, when and how. 

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