Fixation, The Foundation of Dreams

Living, we tend to embrace what is on the menu but as we suspect, there is much more than what we have been read into. Our embrace of attentive creation knows no bounds, at least that is what we continuously remind ourselves with as we wrap ourselves in servitude knowing full well that the king has no clothes. The question must be asked, why the ruse?

Nothing is as it seems and yet there is nothing new in this Universe. Been there, done that, thank you very much. As for the rest, let the propagation continue as it matters not. The 'end' is what it is.

Dancing with delight we reach for the stars and yet falling on our face in full view of the entire audience comes to be expected. Cheers all around!

We may play the games of Life and Living and yet our 'inner' knowledge knows no such bounds. As we delve deeper into the finer threads of such the rewards leaves no bounds as to the who that is in charge. The Universe, though filled to the brim with experiential delight, knowledge behooves us to act in a proper and true manner. From there it is but a small step to fantastical imaginings and for some reason it never lets us down. Is that not a matter for national security, for without which we are but adrift in high seas never to be found again. At least it might seem that way to some.

Fortitude requires diligence. The way out is the way through even though it is all an illusionary tale to begin with. Children must be entertained.

As children of an unknown god there must be requirements which are not only to be met, but exceeded. Setting the stage, fright takes place. It's all part of the show until conviction requires otherwise. Only then does the channel change to Truth or Consequences. In living a lie we become. Although it might make us feel alive there is no such thing.

Yes, children must be entertained but lest we take umbrage please remember that there is no separation. One simply cannot escape from that which we have all embraced. It takes much more than so-called 'courage'. It takes but one single adult in the room to proclaim: 'that' is not tolerated.

Fill in the blanks, write the checks, no matter. Where we stand is where we stand. Owning up to one's own heritage is not something to be lightly discarded. And even when no one is listening, perpetuity speaks. For the love of mind and Man don't ever forget that perpetuity speaks, not as you deign it to present itself but as it presents it's self.

Removing ourselves from the ebb and flow of time is shocking to say the least. What continuum could possibly exist without us in it.

The Universe does indeed revolve around us.

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