Fortuitous Fortunes

Yes, there are no coincidences nor are there any 'accidents' awaiting in the wings for fruition. Reality bites but a spiritual reality 'bites' even further. There is no escape and there are no way outs. Running as you may the cheese becomes ever elusive. One can take heed from the wheel of Life and living.

Running on empty may lead one to water but it cannot make one to drink from the well.

Upsetting the apple cart is what I do, sorry1.

Where we go one we go all2.

As a maverick of sorts, new paths and pathways become embedded. There is only the way forwards, not else exists. Following the path before us takes courage and fortitude. Can there be any other way?

I am not here to profess, encourage nor gather the flock. The choice and choices are yours and yours alone. Though no man is an island you on the other hand become something so much more than the simpleton of man. Waking, we become3.

Our futures lies before us. So what's the big deal?

  1. Asking for forgiveness is not at all as it seems. At least from the view here

  2. Please spare me the platitudes. 

  3. Oh, such foolishness! 

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