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Trampling The Evil Of Distress

Waiting and watching is not a sign of intent but rather of… indifference. Surprisingly hands off requires intervention, at least in this case. There are no avenues of escape so one must ask, what’s the point? This isn’t about a… 29 Oct 2022

The Arrow Of Truth

No matter which side one finds one’s self on there is _always a perceive ‘truth’ to behold. It’s what coagulates and keeps together the various bits and pieces of a disparate whole. There always seems to be leaders and followers who are… 28 Oct 2022

Lost In A Tangle Of Briars

We tend to relish with the utmost delight our senses. Doesn’t matter the cause or effect, just that it exists. In overwhelming our selves with our selves we find truth. Yes, we are what we are. There is no going back and as we dive headfirst… 14 Sep 2022

Willoughby The Watcher

Nothing is apparent other than our predilection for catastrophe through the use of rhyme or reason. It all boils down to what it is that which we percolate through the Universe. usually it’s through time and deceit but many modes of operandi… 03 Aug 2022

Engaging Overdrive

As we travel down the road of isolation, past regret and sorrow we tend to pick up steam so as to further our road ahead. As the impetus becomes clear we cement our relationships so as to further our road ahead. It’s true, we’ve all been down… 02 Aug 2022

Drip, Drip Goes Perpetuity

Drip, drip goes perpetuity, onward in it’s journey of ‘discovery’. How is one to come to rest when there is so much diversity to be explored. Onward in our bold attempts at discovering just who it is that runs the show but the house of cards,… 24 Jul 2022

In Thought We Live

Nothing is apparent other than our predilection for catastrophe through the use of rhyme or reason. It all boils down to what it is that which we percolate through the Universe. Usually it’s through time and deceit but many modes of operandi… 12 Jul 2022

Hurry To Worry

Though there are few among us who proclaim the harmony with which we are all endowed never-the-less it exists. From imagination to determination the mental process evolves. This is not a detriment by any degree but merely a marker upon which… 22 Dec 2021

Are We?

Peeking out from behind the veil of silence, all that we see is ourselves. All that we feel is our presence. All that we know comes from us and defines us. Emboldened by our hopes and dreams we love to alter, change and amend our environment… 05 Jul 2020

Drowning In A Sea of Lies

Truth can be a slippery slope and when the dish is served as such, lies become substantive. Out of thin air they are conjured and as we all sit back and wonder in awe at the amazing show the new reality takes hold and draws power as if by magic… 13 Mar 2020

I Have A Confession

My confession is that I do not speak what is true. It is true…. 29 Aug 2017

Guess I'm An Anarchist...

“I’m not an anarchist who believes that all control is evil and should be eliminated, as then we’d simply have a much different type of mess to clean up than we do now.On the contrary, control is a necessary element to achieve anything at… 12 Aug 2013

The Clear Seeing of Obfuscation

Looking through our eyes we see the world at large and take refuge in the fact of our creation. In so becoming we find purpose and plan in which to take experience. From cause to effect our happiness travels the world over seeking and looking…. 11 Feb 2010

The Truth of Today

The truth of today is but the darkness of tomorrow. Seeking the light, we yearn to be free of the truth of our forefathers in much the same way that our progeny shall rid themselves of the wisdom of the ages. The wisdom that was hard fought is… 23 Oct 2009

Fire Ants

Disturbing the nest, they all come out running and screaming, looking for the threat of mass extinction. Something, or someone, is going to pay. When walking into a Den of Thieves it is best to be not just clear, but at full authority over… 27 Nov 2007

What Is True For You, Is True For You

Truth can be a slippery slope, a narcissistic adventure where we end up someplace completely different than where we started and that end point is typically w-a-y off the mark. Our truth then becomes whatever we wish it to be. In this ploy of… 12 Sep 2006

The Definition Of 'Truth'

Truth has come to be defined in so many ways, sometimes conveniently so. Unless one has an understanding of what it is then it would become impossible for one to live in integrity, or lead an honest and just life which, of course, would result… 08 Aug 2005

Seeing The Way

Explaining the unexplainable can be a full time job. Not only that, but ultimately, that job always fails. Spiritual knowledge never comes from any other means than you yourself. When you are ready to see that knowledge, you will see it. When… 25 Nov 2002

The Religion of Scientology

The religion of Scientology captured my interest at one time with its’ amazing ability to quantify and even redefine human behavior. This appearance was marketed within an illusionary atmosphere which preyed up certain yearnings within an… 04 Sep 2000

The Battle For Truth

Subject: Konchok Penday’s Brave New World - Universal Clearing Process (UCP) - a Hallucinatuion about Life Koos Nolst Trenite writes:… 28 Aug 2000

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