Lost In A Tangle Of Briars

We tend to relish with the utmost delight our senses. Doesn't matter the cause or effect, just that it exists. In overwhelming our selves with our selves we find truth. Yes, we are what we are. There is no going back and as we dive headfirst into the abyss of knowledge our heritage takes root and somehow thrives. Creation is like that.

Although our sorrows equate in stature we none-the-less take comfort. It is better to feel alive than to be dead to the world. Who would possibly want such a dreary and dreadful existence. As in all things, balance is brought to bear and despite one's own convictions it thrives. As we face our actions so too must we face our selves. There is no changing of the channel.

Mightily the fallen arise and yet the so-called 'mighty' refuse such endeavors. Cause and effect can only come into play when it is required. As we call forth the demons so too do we call forth our saviors. There is nothing to fear but fear itself and even that_ is a laughing matter.

Drenched from effort our perspiration shows our stature.

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