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Lost In A Tangle Of Briars

We tend to relish with the utmost delight our senses. Doesn't matter the cause or effect, just that it exists. In overwhelming our selves with our selves we find truth. Yes, we are what we are. There is no going back and as we dive headfirst... 14 Sep 2022

So, What's It Gonna Be?

I like those things which can only be found off the beaten path of a normalcy rooted in deception. I don't buy the American Dream, not by a long shot. If ever there was a case that demonstrated a being giving away their existence in order to... 25 Apr 2016

As The Willow Bends

The Earth, by any stretch of the imagination, is plainly rushing through the universe at quite a high rate of speed. Passing through this and that, all sorts of causes and effects become produced. It's really an amazing sight to see.... 22 Jul 2014

Life In Effect

There was a time when Man took it upon Himself to live life to it's fullest in it's most complete depth, breath and meaning. But that is not so anymore. Man Has lost His Way. Today, Man's life encompasses neglect, regret and shame. Always... 22 Mar 2004

Causing Grief

What is it that makes us cause trouble and unrest in another? Is there something within us that, just within the edge of our awareness, awaits it's moment in time to spill it's carnage upon the unsuspecting? Why must there be some feeling, some... 10 Sep 2003

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