Escaping Conviction

We are what we _are-. There is no gong back. Doesn't matter the circumstance there is no going 'back'. As time moves forward all succumbs to it's grasp and as we may regale our selves to something else, nothing seems to come of it. We are where we are and who we are. As there is no time in which to circumvent our navigation all comes to pass. It seems as if we are lost to and subjected to something other than our selves. Such folly lives up to our stature.

Remaining unconvinced we seek out a newness which can never be found and yet we seek it anyways. The end result is the same of course but we never let reality get in the way. Our fixation requires something much more than what lies before us.

As we gain the strength necessary through our convictions we act showcasing our selves and displaying our aptitude for all to see. It's a trick of course but one well played.

Our purpose in life becomes one of pomp and circumstance and so we try very hard to not disappoint. As in all things inevitability sets in and return to our little corner of the Universe hoping that we haven;'t upset the way of things too much. Relishing in delight we take tentative footsteps into the unknown hoping that we haven;t revealed our selves too much. No one really likes the spotlight.

Pouncing upon our dreams, we live and yet it all comes crashing down eventually. How is that working out for you?

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