Favoring One-Sided Propensities

As we look upon the face of the Earth we 'discover' all sorts of non-sense. From corner to corner there is just too much to take in and relish. As we prioritize our flights of fancy the vision narrows and continues to narrow until such time as we paint our selves into a corner completely thinking that we have the upper hand. Delighting and dancing in our own shadow our sense of self esteem towers above and beyond those of mortal man. We are because we exist1.

Glowing in our effervescence our aim becomes tried and true2. As we edge further into the night we do indeed leave the light far behind. It's not a matter of light and dark but more a matter of this or that. Choosing wisely is not something that the adventurous spirit does easily. How else does one manage an experiential servitude other than through conviction. The show must go on.

As we mumble and stumble down the road of some 'destiny' we are completely in the dark as we wander and wonder. Where have we come and yet to go? Where is that place in memory which beckons us to fall out of favor in a reality we have no need for3. If the ends just the means that we have all certainly already lost the war.

Do we live our dreams or endure our nightmares.

Neither attain a righteousness which would see us through what comes to pass. It all comes to pass but never mind that. When one is in a fight for one's life and limb all bets are off. Survival becomes the order of the day. It's a false hope of course but why let reality get in the way of things. Have we not stumbled enough along the path of our being.

Calling forth our demons in the fight for our survival guarantees nothing other than further conviction. There are not rules of the road. We are not made of conformity but of individuality.

It's true. You are.

  1. It's okay to insert a laugh or two here. 

  2. It's a false hope of course but let's move on. 

  3. At least seemingly so. 

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