The Mask of Death

Lots of people seem to enjoy to rush of adrenaline when it comes to pretending. Seemingly in tune with the Universe all the while departing with 'grace' in order to create and sustain the image of want and desire. How silly the 'little' people become.

As we venture into the so-called unknown little becomes known. Leaving intelligence behind all sorts of trials and tribulations ensure and yet behind the mask of deceit comfort is embraced. In that ever so small slice of 'happiness' we relish with the utmost glee what appears before us. Surely this is the moment in which to take refuge. Surely this is the moment where all our hopes and dreams come alive.

Engaging the appearance we find solace and in so doing think that all is well in this Universe and beyond, of which ignorance plays a very large part. Wandering the countryside something must come it.

As in all appearances the severity of deceit is something not willingly imagined nor even accepted and yet there it is in full display and as we try and try to control it's offspring failure becomes the only option. It's a sad tale down a sad and lonely road. Hell becomes as we project.

Few are the brave and as courage takes a back seat all that we are left with is empty shallow shells devoid of any real existence. Sustaining a lie takes a lot of energy and as we work around the clock giving it our all the end result always becomes questionable. As we fool ourselves in believing the lie bears fruit and sustains us. At least that is the proposition before us in doing so.

There is no way out other than that of your entrance.

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