Tag: lie

In The Sands Of Time

Eventualities come and go and while some linger most resoundingly do not. There is no here to remain and purposefully so. Change is the name of the game. Wouldn't want the kids to get bored would we? While events come and go there are some... 28 Mar 2024

Waking Up In Someone Else's Dream

Sleepily we wander the Universe coming and going this way and that. It's like being at the amusement park, there is so much to see, experience and pay for. Eventually nothing happens. As we pick and choose our way through our... 21 Mar 2024

The Mask of Death

Lots of people seem to enjoy to rush of adrenaline when it comes to pretending. Seemingly in tune with the Universe all the while departing with 'grace' in order to create and sustain the image of want and desire. How silly the 'little' people... 01 Oct 2022

You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

There in the distant past, a lie was born and was brought forth through time and space to plague the targets of today. Some things do not change while other things remain the same. Eternally grateful, existence carries us along the stream of... 18 Sep 2001

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