You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

There in the distant past, a lie was born and was brought forth through time and space to plague the targets of today. Some things do not change while other things remain the same. Eternally grateful, existence carries us along the stream of time, flowing in and out of the eddies as if by chance or coincidence. Determination and definition gives way to our own selfish thoughts and potentiality. Exercising our right to live, we strive to reign supreme in at least our own domain, if not that of others. Gaining new ground, we expound upon the thoughts that drive us mad with desire and come to know and understand that with each passing day we die a little more, ever hopeful that the end will never come. Surprisingly, ignorance is a welcomed characteristic and highly regarded in those around us. Naked, the anguish of exposure bares much more than the frailty and superficiality of the outer skin. Reaching beyond our own thoughts, no one seems to survive to allow us the glimpse of that which we would gladly pay dearly for. With enough gold in our pocket, we become the kings we have always wanted to be, but by filling the pocket, our hearts become drained even further. Emptiness is every man's worst nightmare, and yet we purposefully bring it about. Why is that?

Draining ourselves, we eventually come to realize that in order to build, we must destroy and in the quest for balance, equanimity moves to the back seat and desire comes to sit beside us sharing in our glee of victory over the lower realms. Domination proves to be an interesting conquest, but like all conquests, they only reflect our own state of mind. Expressing ourselves, we withdraw in haste at the realization of the fruition. Why is it that we try so hard to escape from ourselves?

Ever hopeful, we look to the future to bring the rewards we so surely deserve and yet deny them when they arrive. What is it that we are waiting for? What momentous occasion must arrive in order to draw our attention away from the thoughts in which we dwell, refusing without boundaries, to give way. All around us beauty abounds. Why is it that we withdraw to a created polarity in which we stake our entire existence?

Flowing through time, we move along paths seemingly beyond our foresight and control and yet we imagine so vividly the life that is yet to come. Always yearning and striving, we completely miss the mark of today. Ever present, we refuse to believe. When we refuse to believe, we find comfort in the past and in the future, both capturing our imagination and lusting for the illusionary rewards which seems to keep us going, lifetime after lifetime. To be or not to be is not the question but the answer. Neither and both provide the answer in which time and space encompass and surround us with their promise of delight. Grasping, we are born with the desire of our past and the expectation builds as our future becomes written in stone and yet all becomes erased when the present becomes accounted for.

In the moment of now, nothing exists and yet the journal of man's existence through Eternity is fulfilled and open for inspection. It's true, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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