The Dead Tell No Tales

In the darkness before the dawn, at the time of one’s own choosing, there always appears a sliver of insight which goes by the name of Awakening. In the time fraught with hope, gained and lost, the ground becomes ripe for evolution to gain a foothold. It is during these times that great souls visit us and replenish our stores, allowing us to enduring just a little more ‘reality’, a little more bodily existence in which to find ourselves. Playing hide and seek with ourselves, we always seem to require another to assist us in our play.

Clothed in our desires, clarity of vision becomes just another desire. With great effort and force of will, we conquer ourselves only to find no treasure, no rewards and no experience in which we can call our own. Owning up to the challenge, we forget everything we have ever learned or will learn. With each passing day, the day passes. Strange as it may seem, we are journeying full blast to nowhere.

In compassionate understanding, we play along and put a smile upon our lips as we face the public of our perception. To break the bonds of our slavery, we enslave ourselves even further. Finding the way out, we realize that there is no way out and in the realization of that thought, we find the ultimate freedom. Where is there to go without Existence to follow?

In observation, we find duality. Recognition unfolds itself as we come to terms with our own reflection. Through our experiences, we come to know of ourselves. What better way to state reality than to make your claim? When we come to know of the existence of ourselves, we come to understand the wisdom with which we deny our existence. Coming or going, how shall we dress today?

In knowledge, we accumulate the wealth of our embodiment, but wisdom will forever elude those so rooted. Beyond the mind’s ability to create, create, create, we succumb to the beat of our own drum. There is no duality in creation and the harder one tries to escape, the more forcefull the draw. It takes a lot of effort to deny oneself, is it any wonder the dead tell no tales?

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