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Acceptable Degeneration

This is an observation: I have a bit of a background in software design and maintenance in both small and large environments. In the old days having a software 'bug' being pointed out was attributed to either a failure in user analysis or in... 22 Aug 2013

Class of Beings

Here is an observation: I treat others as an equal.It doesn't mean that I am.... 21 Aug 2013

Observing The Obvious

Sitting back and observing the obvious from an unattached perspective is called, in some circles, obnosis. One cannot detach from illusion unless one recognizes that there is an illusion in the first place. This is part of _observing the... 09 Sep 2010


Let's start off with a definition of obnosis: obnosis: observation of the obvious. one looks at the isness of something, at what is actually there. (extracted from a CoS website)... 21 Feb 2008

Late Payment

In between the lines of stirring emotions, a quiet calm exhibits itself in ways not dreamed of outside of dreamtime. Exposing the thoughts that reside with the heart of Man, truth seeks its source and once demonstrated, it becomes impossible to... 21 Nov 2001

The Dead Tell No Tales

In the darkness before the dawn, at the time of one's own choosing, there always appears a sliver of insight which goes by the name of Awakening. In the time fraught with hope, gained and lost, the ground becomes ripe for evolution to gain a... 24 Sep 2001

Born of Ignorance

Born of ignorance, destitute and alone, we emerge into the world whole heartedly with the hopes of an enthusiastic future into which we place our entire existence. Unforgiven, we develop the mind into our weapon of self destruction only to find... 23 Sep 2001

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