Observing The Obvious

Sitting back and observing the obvious from an unattached perspective is called, in some circles, obnosis. One cannot detach from illusion unless one recognizes that there is an illusion in the first place. This is part of observing the obvious, an inward thrust to keep at arms length one's mental constructs. Once this mechanism is put on a leash self-determinism becomes that much more prevalent. From this point of freedom one's viewpoint becomes unfiltered - what is seen is seen as it is not as we are. But even then the permeatation of the dynamic totality becomes self-evident and as the beingness drops away responsibility expands to encompass our own totality. We begin to see the entire universe as we are.

Anyway, as of late there has been a bit of movement here and there among the players at hand. Though I have rescinded all bonds it does not mean the cutting of the cords. There is so much more to life than one of holding.

Change always occurs as this is a universe of change. Nothing stands still - not even for a moment. Though it can be quite difficult to image a condition of peace and prosperity continuously evolving in fact this is the basis of today's life condition. On this planet where prosperity equals war the fight for survival is ever on-going - and for good reason. Evolution can define it's self in many, many ways - fast or slow, abrupt or agreeable, but as always change unfolds and though the purpose and plan may be completely unaccounted for it makes absolutely no difference. What one sees is what is seen and from that perspective one's lifetime unfolds. But beyond one's own selfish endeavors lies the greater good.

Greatness is not agreeable action, it is the process of doing what is right - especially in the face of contrary appearances. Having one's eyes closed to one's own nature predictably results in having one's eyes closed to others things as well. In darkness there is no light and yet the requirement of light is darkness. These are the Scales of Justice, of equality. But in observing the obvious there is no equality. That comes from observing actions which fall on one side of the scale and seeing balance being brought to bear.

Some call it in-sight. Some call it fore-telling. Some will even burn you at the stake for it. But in the end, doing what is right neither defines us nor tells us something about ourselves. Following the Heart truth is the only road possible and that is the road out of one's own little corner of the universe.

It's not a matter of remembering who you are because you've already become so many different "who's" it isn't even funny anymore. Yes, this 'who' business is quite serious but that's only because of the amount of energy that is purpose-fully driven into it. Without that energy the 'you' you think you are deflates like some forgotten balloon. The driving force is not a 'you', it is that still small voice called 'I', the basis of all existence - especially your own.

Back-tracking through time and eternity to 'find' your self is like looking for the 'real' you in a House of Mirrors. So many choices. So very many choices. Which to choose? One favorite over another perhaps - to clean and shine into perfection? In building a House of Cards there is an inherent factor involved - it's called falling.

In observation one can quickly throw energy into that which is being experienced in order to make something of it. But that is not observation - that is playing the role. The role of participant. When one defines their actions by some particular Fun House mirror observation goes out the window faster than a speeding bullet. How can one possibly even know what the right thing to do is while playing dress-up.

Stripping ourselves away from our own nature all that becomes left is what has always been. There is nothing to discover, uncover or reveal. You are, therefore all is.

Any the only way to get there, the only way to realize this is through obnosis - observing the obvious.

Of course there will be no choice but to realize that you are the obvious.

See also: Obnosis.

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