Life Removed

Progressively the downward spiral into solidity promises a golden future of life - of a life 'new and improved'. New experience beckons the kids and as ever onward the marching steps of authority comes to be endured one can be assured that new and interesting times are to be had. Over and over again the Book of Authority is played out and as it captures the hearts and minds of the unexperienced pain and sorrow are set out in the food dish for the animals to devour while self pleasure is enjoyed beyond the gates to the Mansion of Man. Authority requires many roles which must come to be full-filled.

From written works the mind comes to be 'purpose-oriented' and what follows is but the typical scenario. Once the mind is prepared or sown the seeds of moving images is projected upon it capturing and containing the life therein. Remotely projecting the life to be viewed television begins to cement the fabrication of a reality specifically created to ensnare wrapped in promises of freedom. There are always the promises of freedom wrapped in the enticement of new experience.

From a televised reality to making and taking it up close and personal the Internet scores a great big victory in the game of Virtuality and now the very same promises of new experience can be yours - fully and completely, by simply buying the latest and greatest personal 'technology' devices to ensure that you never again miss a beat in the virtual world called the Internet what more could a poor slave wish for?

Trained since childhood to accept the lure of greater experience, knowledge and wisdom become but foreign words whose concepts are completely unfathomable. Plumbing the depths of our own reflection the waters run deep and fast. But that is what is called for - an ever onward push to explore the boundaries of limitation and when our physical limitation is already conquered the mind is surely a terrible thing to waste. It's like voodoo. Stick a pin in the mind and watch it dance and as the attention becomes overflowing with distraction the new kids on the block are so easily swindled into believing anything. That's what most people on the planet are - kids.

An adult would never, ever contemplate the types of actions that are accepted as customary here but the kids, well the kids simply don't know any better. Running around in a frenzy as the senses heat up the workings of authority take heed in due regard for the nature of Man. All in a day's work. Eventually the Event Horizon comes from far to near and the game plan changes accordingly. This is not something new or different for those who prey upon the young and naive. But let's return to the kids.

As the progression of 'new experience' comes and goes sooner or later even a rocket scientist will come to realize that something is amiss. As life becomes more and more removed from itself thoughts, ideas and concepts gain ground until the peak is reached whereupon that facet of life dives deep and fast. The struggle is always the up hill climb and the balancing - well the balancing comes quite easily and naturally. Growing up can be hard to do with no end in sight of the forms it takes but despite the avenue trodden all roads lead to Rome.

Life is removed until the destination is reached.

May you find yours.

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