Dust Bunnies

Hiding in secret the fluff of life and living tends to accumulate and form new life, new means of sustainability in the physical construct. Taking on new qualities and struggling to engage it's world intelligence forms and begins it's journey on the road to ever lasting life. Toiling the Earth it's future becomes assured - but only by pouring vast amounts of energy into it to keep it alive and kicking. Energy the potential becomes energy the doer.

Tumbling this way and that according to the winds of change life evolves. Eventually, and according to the rule of law, either the bunny dies in dignity or survives to rule it's roost and laud it's power and skill over it's claimed domain. Staking it's claim to fame according to it's own wishes the pursuit of happiness becomes it's prime motivator and though the intent may be clean it's make-up is obviously not. Out of the byproducts of life and living life can spontaneously form and though it appears holy the illusion is only sustained by it's creators. It is true, bunnies fail to come into existence without the means of two or more souls lost in the illusion of existence.1

Discarding the weight of responsibility and rightly so, dust bunnies have no life of their own and so who is to blame? With a wave of the cleaning tool all bunnies become no more though habit requires it's reemergence out of the ether of life. Cleaning one after the other chores become established in harmony. There is balance in the Universe and always will be so.

So what is one to do with a dust bunny? What is one to do to ensure that a house remain clean and free of detriment?

One simply cannot resolve the problem of consequence through the conviction of cleaning. Going beyond the equation one must approach the problem differently - from a different perspective. Looking under the sofa and spotting one's target of affection requires the duty of habit, the sustainability of cause and consequence - but what happens when the wrong cause is assigned to an incorrect consequence?

Without understanding one's viewpoint what could one possibly ever accomplish other than to empower the reactionary thinking of irresponsibility. When the 'problem' is always 'other there' you can be assured that the real problem lies at home - which is where it always begins it's cycle of pain and suffering - and for good reason.

If one wishes to attain a standard of lean and clean surroundings there can be no other choice than to evince the change one wishes to be. It's not the surroundings which dictate one's actions - it's yours and yours alone which precedes any and all consequences.

Perhaps dust bunnies could be looked at as being the cleaning up of one's own duration in the land of life and living. There really isn't any way around that other than to be something other than what you think you are. Now that is like finding some lost change deep in the sofa buried in forget-full-ness. Eureka!

Go ahead - have an eureka moment on my account, free of charge.

Act now and I'll throw in a free trip behind the curtain.

Peeky, peeky, I see you!

  1. This sentence is limited in scope and applies only in the context described. 

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