The Code of Honor : No. 6

Today I would like to address number six of the Code of Honor.

Never compromise your own reality

(Ed: Note exclusion of 'with'.)

Before we begin let's get a few definitions under our belt so that we are all working from the same page or viewpoint - so that we are all looking from the same viewpoint. This in itself is a topic worthy of in-depth discussion but right now we are focusing on number six of The Code of Honor.


What is a code? Having a dictionary handy is always a good idea in discussing definitions but at times, it can also be quite limiting. This limitation arises from the viewpoint that is required in order to see and understand along particular, well defined pathways. To hell with these pathways, I say. We are not looking to cement ingrained training methods upon the unwary. Call me what you will - I'm just a rebel at heart.

This doesn't mean that we should ignore socially acceptable definitions but that there is always more to the story than what meets and greets the eyes. To that end here is the definition or viewpoint that we will be using in relation to the utterance, 'code'.

the conversion of a focused viewpoint of acceptable conduct into mentally understandable terms.

What the heck does that mean?

We could spend days explaining away each and every concept at play here but let's try and keep it focused. By that I mean to focus a viewpoint - to create a chain of thought along specific and exact lines. Thought is the mental mechanism of beingness - that representation of our own nature upon the canvas of life and living.

Now if you get that explanation you will see that a code is simply a way of reminding ourselves that we are what we are and not what we think we are. It's called 'reality'. This of course coming from the illusion standpoint.

To code something is to paint upon the canvas of life and living a reminder that though we may think we are, we are just fooling ourselves through puppet play. This is why a true code has enormous impact. It speaks through time and space to cut through our mental activity to remind us of our own true nature.

So The Code of Honor could be considered to be words to the wise - a reminder to play nice. Ha!

I don't like punishing a topic to death so let's move on.


Honor is one of those 'funny' words. Let's see if I can come close to imparting this viewpoint.

an affinity for beingness

Now that is something quite different is it not? 'An affinity for beingess.' That could mean anything but if we examine this perhaps we'll see something more to it than just what meets the eye.

We all know what a 'beingness' is as almost all of you clothe yourselves with it. It's just who you are. That who is what you look at in the mirror and say "Yep, that's me!"

Now affinity is, of course distance related. The closer you are to truth the better you feel. That's a funny way to put that and it's interesting. Let's move on to the main course.

Never compromise your own reality

'Never' as in yesterday, today or tomorrow. It's like saying "While in time don't try this at home." While watching the clock don't tempt yourself in doing something. That 'something' is 'compromise' and we are using this definition for it:

Breaking your own standards of conduct.

Let's face it - we are all born with some particular set of 'rules of the road'. It's those rules that come from the definition of our beingness. We make these up and they are all based upon a common basis - truth. Not the truth of our beingness but the reality that lies beyond it, beyond thought. Right now we are not going on that guided tour so let's stay focused.

"When in Rome do as the Romans do." Though we may create a straw-man to full-fill some particular agenda there remains the basis of what we are and from that basis our conduct - our actions remains true. True to what? True to our own reality, our viewpoint.

Taking on the viewpoint of beingness is but one aspect of our nature, it is but a subset from which to view. There is a difference and markedly so.

"Do you like chocolate ice cream?"

"No, I hate chocolate ice cream." That hate is the viewpoint or reality of the beingness. In the scope of things it's actually about as unimportant as one can get though even those boundaries can get severely tested at times.

Compromising one's reality on the subject of ice cream is pretty ridiculous because it's not a reality - it's an illusion in which puppets play. Forcing one's self to like chocolate is not breaking the Code of Honor and is about as far away from it as is possible without completely leaving the field of play.

Improving the human condition can create happy puppets but so what? Dropping one puppet suit for another we can continue through all of eternity and yet still come up empty - and unhappy for our puppet. We are not talking about that. What we are talking about is our own nature - that from which 'puppet-play' is derived.

Let's look at a different example.

A so-called 'dark' beingness, full of tormented energy is encountered and one comes away from it running in fright while presenting the appearance of being unmoved. Unable to face the frightening experience we carry forward that moment in time always keeping it at bay as being something that cannot be confronted. We just don't want to look at it meaning that we simply do not wish to have that experience. Denying the event we become blinded by our own hand and all future actions on our part become tainted with the fear we hold inside which we refuse to acknowledge. Justifying our erratic behavior we try to explain away our nervousness as being someone else's fault.

When we deny an experience we become the victim and the full weight of consequence comes crashing down upon us. When the reality of the experience is refused we compromise our seeing, we compromise our own reality. Unwilling to face the 'dark' beingness in the example I gave means to break your own reality. That beingness is there. In the refusal to grant beingness or in denying the right for another to express themselves as they wish, your own beingness suffers the consequence of carrying the yoke of slavery. You slave yourself to that which you deny. To deny is to compromise not just your own reality but another's as well.

Never, ever deny your own reality.

What is true for you is true for you. And I'm not talking about ice cream here.

When one encounters fear or any other emotion or action then one must accept it. This doesn't mean that one becomes fear-full in the face of fear it simply means that you must look at that fear. It doesn't mean that you **have to do anything with it**. Just see it for what it is. That is it.

When you do not deny your own experience it frees you to understand to a much greater depth what 'experience' is really all about. It allows you to not only acknowledge beingness but to understand it's make-up. Taking a step back from immersion we gain a greater understanding of context. That context is you. There is only you so don't kill the messenger by any means.

Thank you for listening.

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