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In dispersion our thoughts, ideas and concepts come to be strewn all over the universe in not only a haphazard fashion but with complete disregard for all that exists exterior to ourselves. In this self-removal process we color our world as we so choose little realizing that our cycle of existence is as endless as we make it. Running with due effort, we effort to live over and over again. Need we continue to take comfort in our cycles of ups and downs?

Gathering unto our selves we find the real meaning of freedom.

If the mind is the donkey then this website is the carrot.

Perhaps life is not in the tasting but the Quest for our own true nature.

Hee Haw... Yum!

Worthless Background Information

This web site came into existence for the sole purpose of placing various things and such on the Internet. Perhaps, or perhaps not, others might 'get' something out of it all, but one can only hope not. If nothing else, perhaps the stepping stone being provided will be sufficient in order to get the engine started. Knowledgeable awareness, once started, tends to take on a life on it's own. It's just a matter of kick starting it into taking the long fall into oblivion, never to be seen again. It's a worthwhile endeavor despite that fact that it means nothing -- nothing at all.

Other than that, the reader may find references to various religious philosophies while cruising the web site. Please do not make more of this than necessary. All that the various philosophies can do is to light the fire which must eventually burn from within so that one can come to realize that one's true nature is all that there is. So despite the conceptualizing thought images which may be generated while reading this web site, please remember who it is that is watching the show to begin with. Whatever one sees, whether internally or externally, is separate and apart from one's self. Awareness means knowing who or what is that which sees the seeing.

It's true. This could all be a step into an Oblivion in which one will come up more than empty. As a matter of fact, the fullness of one's nature comes to be quite apparent at the very same time. Strange, but true.

The glass is indeed half empty and half full.

Be the glass and dispense with the rest. Then just be.

Operational Guidance: Navigational Overview

This website is the summation of several previously separate websites which have been brought together and categorized by data collections. These data collections are all accessed via the navigational menu bar located towards the top of every page. By selecting one particular collection other sub collections may then be accessed. These are dutifully noted in the navigational menu bar as a sub heading. Further sub collections are likewise handled.

Some data collections will be displayed in their original format as found on the originating website.

All originating websites have been modified to redirect to the new locations here.

I've tried to keep the data collection navigation as simple as possible without requiring the visitor to click like mad in order to get back to some particular location. This does increase the navigational menu bar length at times but not significantly so - at least in my opinion.

This website has been formulated in such a way that document presentation is of prime importance. Entertainment, whether by eye candy or flaming discussions is being left to the mental trash bin of ill repute. There are always the needful and the need-full, each with their own self-fulling prophecy. Here, there are no needs so the attention can be squarely placed on much more importance matters.

This website seems to constantly organize and re-organize it's way to an eventual end-point, so don't be surprised to find that a document has been moved, altered or even removed from one visit to the next. There are no guarantees - just like life itself.

Imagine having to take each day as it comes, to find out what effects the universe has in store for you today. Not to find out what purpose and plan you can achieve today, but to be in such a harmonious relationship with the universe that knowledge acquired through intelligence results in the wisdom that you are. Of course that is the long way out, but for some, something is better than nothing.

Perhaps this website can best be summarized as something is better than nothing. But in fact it is this nothing to which all of Man's effort is devoted.

But don't take my word for it because if it isn't true for you it just simply isn't true at all.

Additional Information

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