'Independent' Scientology

The religion, the philosophy, the company, take your pick. In shuffling the deck confusion reigns and in that confusion stable data become the frontier where we search for new life, new meaning, to go where no one has gone before. As the pack rat gathers and stores, some pictures are indeed worth much more than just a paltry thousand words. Floating beyond time and space the imagination runs wild...

Which brings us to the so-called 'independent' scientology field. It's an oxymoron for course for there is no such thing as an independent scientologist.

A scientologist is one who allows their awareness to expand out into the dynamics of life and living. In this expansion the effect becomes one of responsibility and in that responsibility one naturally seeks to improve the conditions of those in, on and around one. So how does one become 'independent' in the scope of inter-dependancy?

The answer is, of course, only in an administrative capacity. Shuffling the paperwork bureaucracy allows one to wear the cape of 'authority' in order to save the day. But that has nothing to do with the religious nature of Man.

When one hears of so-called 'Scientologists' creating movement in the 'independent' field the only thing that is moving is the bureaucracy - the organization. Where the philosophy remains rooted in awareness the organizational derivative requires authority and control. Gathering and funneling the down-trodden, policy requires conviction and control in complete opposition to self-awareness.

So how and why does one develop a system of delivery within which truth becomes self-evident?

One can hang any type of shingle outside one's door in order to promote free enterprise but cutting through red tape requires not only insight into one's nature but the where-withal to look, to see.

The philosophy of Scientology is one of bringing together not separation. Handing one's future over to authority is like waiting for absolution from the government for thinking 'bad' thoughts about it. No one in the universe can release you from your own guilt.

Creating an atmosphere of 'independence' from an established organizational structure creates the ties that bind. Why not just move on and leave the rest to those of need?

The only independence one can possibly attain is solely within the confines of one's own imagination. Playing mind games is a great trick up the 'ol sleeve but what does that have to do with awareness other than to create a lack in order that it may be filled according to an arbitrary authority.

No one can do anything to a thetan other than what the thetan allows.

Your experience defines your thetan and from there anything is possible...

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