The Good Ship Lollipop

Status updates are becoming quite the interesting thing. Action not only abounds in this universe but holographically speaking the depth and breath of experiential delight knows no bounds. The fun just never seems to end!

As for the rest of us, we would rather let ourselves out the door than to partake in such orgastic bombastic insanity.

Undeterred by the rebuke, some things have gone from light to bumping around in the dark while the opposite comes to fruition. In this game of life and living there is no such thing as sides when it comes to insanity where the universe has stopped just short of going mad - mad with desire.

Everyone, it seems, wants a piece of the pie.

Well, one cannot have their cake and eat it too. Suffering always seems to be on the menu while the poor wretched masses are anything but. We all take root in our destiny until someone else comes along and does the nasty in our pond.

It's just business.

It's funny to watch the reaction when the shoe comes to be on the other foot. Exactly how many alter egos can one really have?

Shuffling papers, we all try to get our house in order but to no avail. There is that little thing called payback. It's not a matter of revenge but more of a matter best left to the grand totality from which we are borne as fruit.

Feating upon insanity, one's makeup becomes embroiled in never ending quests of superiority. We shall overcome! But in the blanketing of freedom the only thing we overcome is the truth of our reality. Though fear makes us run fast and furious we can never hope to escape our shadow of death and destruction.

The latest and greatest is always in vogue because we make it so.

When the keystone falls inevitability produces concrete results - evidence so solid that only a fool or the stupid can ignore.

We walk the Earth and yet the self-imposed prison bars continue to achieve the greater interest.

What ever happened to Shirley Temple and the Good Ship Lollipop?

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