Changing The Guard

Here is something a bit different from an 'outside' perspective.

"Changing the guard" is a process where planetary inhabitants are introduced to an alternative change of pace. Typically, evolutionary processes dictate that the prey must become the hunter. This has proven to be true in many, many cases though certainly not all - thank God!

In providing the means there comes to be established well defined procedures and processes which of course are subordinated to the power of free will. Here we discuss a particular aspect of these and will perhaps extend our reach slightly beyond. Make no mistake, free will is and always will be paramount. Because of this heavy reliance on proper etiquette plans will almost certainly go haywire somewhere along the way but this is to be expected. As a result of this nothing reported here can be taken as 'fact'. Nothing reported here is certain and belief is certainly not required.

But let's move along instead of entertaining that thought process a bit too excessively. Either one 'gets' it or not, simple as that. In this case, right now, there is no concern for those who lack a perceptual ability to see beyond the wizard's curtain. This report is not designed to weave the 'proper' environment within which the information presented may be absorbed.

Let's get to it.

Breaking the spell of madness can take many routes in it's conquest.

Physical Constructs

Targeting physical 'hot spots' for influence helps to create attention funnels, the effects of which are implied to be understood. As in any type of attention thought-flow the corresponding vacuum is used as a breeding ground for awareness expansion. Currently, the following areas are in play:

Of the possible scenarios envisioned Yellowstone contains good cause and is a likely candidate if the fixation of attention remains rooted upon self-destruction. After all, this is a case of self-destruction and aligns quite nicely with attention movement. As is the case with any transference the replacement of attention requires a much greater energy than the initial impingement. This should already be quite self-evident from an historical viewpoint.

With death and destruction comes rebirth and renewal. Although this cycle of action has come to be quite acceptable, it is not. We do not advocate primitive techniques no matter the sales pitch used by rulers and conquerers, of which we are neither. In wiping out vast swaths of entities the energetic tie can become quite unbearable unless all the proper paperwork has been done, unless the entire checklist has been completed. We are not working with lower level life forms though they have taken on the appearance of such.

Atmospheric interjection, perhaps, can be considered secondary though it is currently running neck and neck with climatic conditioning. This topic will, at this time, be left alone.

As a matter of fact, we must conclude this report due to other circumstances now in play.

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