Passing The Time Of Day

Day or night the passage of time comes to be inevitable. Lazily we stand by the sidelines waiting and watching life pass us by wondering in despair when it will be our turn.

Yes, when will it me my turn!?

Inwardly we cringe when the light of attention even comes close to us and as if by magic, we rejoice when it suddenly moves away... The light of awareness comes with a price tag and though we pretend to fervently shop till we drop the price always comes to be so much more than we could possibly bear. Losing our sense of selfish greed and desire is simply no match for any price tag on clearance or not.

Devastated with rejection we pretend to come to harm all the while doing harm for, of course, a just and noble cause. As all causes gives us pause we gladly take it and embrace another and another. Surely the bill will come past due but who cares when we are having this much fun!

As the roller coaster is rode with much excitement and glee the depths of despair come to be known ever more intimately.

We are never separate from ourselves.

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