Website Happenings

It must be a life-long quest - the perfect website both in content and context. Well, it's never going to happen but it is sure fun along the way. All sorts of things and such pop up here, there and everywhere. We do influence our environment by not only our actions but our thoughts and words as well. Through this 'happening' this website continues it's drive down memory lane.

The latest news in regard to this is that user commenting has been, once again, thrown out the window and the format has been pared down out of respect for the minimalist viewpoint. I suppose this could also be described as being bound by a more direct route. Simple, straight-forward and as the arrow which flies true.

This straight and narrow causeway allows one to travel lighter in order to shake one's booty to the tune of "travel light, travel fast". It's really amazing to watch the turn of the wheel of events take shape and form and play out upon the stage of earthly delights. "May you live in interesting times."

Along these lines a few other comments need to be disclosed:

Thanks for tuning in.

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