Wrenching Despair From The Heart of Man

How does one pull away that which is closely held? As candy from a selfish lad parting ways create turmoil and in this turmoil great change takes place. But why is there this requirement for turmoil? Why does Man suffer so and most of all why is there this clutching of the breast to hold for now and forever?

We do indeed choose in which family we will marry. Though the family of Man requires of us rules, regulations and rituals nothing can take away our individual right of beingness other than through our own propitiation. The mind of Man contains a complexity not seen for quite some time and for good reason. Who the heck would do such a thing!

Pulling a rabbit out of the hat is a great magician's trick and through devices such as this amazing things seem to appear out of no-where. But there is always a where, a when and a 'how come?'. Tracing the roots of evil one merely finds one's self and so the path to awareness becomes but another way closed down for never ending repairs. Putting up signs all over the place we follow our selves through time and space wondering where it is that we will eventually land.

Waiting is for wimps.

Courage is not something one gains nor loses but becomes just another chip in the pot called poker. Taking and giving, pushing and pulling, reach and withdraw. Just how far will one take this silly non-sense?

The problem is that sanity is something left for the sane who can confront reality and walk away without a scratch. As for the rest, well accidents and 'chance' prevail. There is always some rhyme or reason to which Man dances. Going native takes on a whole new meaning.

Pulling the thorn from the eyes of Man requires not just courage but an enormous amount of patience as well. Rome wasn't built in a day but who's counting anyway? Time is like watching the television set, devouring each moment by moment. What's on, you ask? Why it's you, you and you. Stop staring at the mirror will you.

What happens when one becomes completely oblivious to the fact of the thorn in one's eye? Do we just go on pretending that everything is okey-dokey or do we simply file it away for another day. That 'honey-do' list must be getting out of hand by now. Sometimes things much get _much worse before awareness kicks in to say that enough is enough. Have you had enough yet?

Pulling tricks and traps out of thin air is actually quite easy because the spiritual nature of Man knows what's happening anyway. But the beingness, now that is an entirely different story. Smile for the camera! And when the empty space comes to be noticed guess what - it gets filled in no short order. So what is left but understanding?

Understanding can only get in the way of one's viewpoint and so turning a blind eye is a good thing. Man is very, very good at turning a blind eye to whatever it is that is not of it's own viewpoint. Even 'awareness' comes to be defined in limitation. What more can I say?

As the night turns to day and back again over and over perhaps only a few will fall off the merry-go-round and get a good bump to the noggin jarring a few more ends loose. Perhaps it will be just enough to cause one to say: "I am not getting back on that thing again!"

The amusement park is quite the popular theme these days. Just because something has been popular for a long, long time doesn't mean that it's importance is greater than any other thing. Barring some un-fore-seen event things should be chugging along unperturbed in perpetuity. Upsetting the apple-cart can be a good thing.

Trained in indoctrination the masses gladly pay for the privilege of entering Hell's Gate. Inviting the vampire in the front door to make it's self at home is not something for the faint of heart but is the point is it not? Faint of heart. Losing touch with it's nature Man-kind continues it's bleak journey down memory lane only to be rewarded with bits of chocolate or yummy morsels as the master showers the sheep with the urge to move forward. As the flock moves forward coming down through time and space it eventually arrives here and now. Catching up with it's self is like showing the mirror to the beauty and letting the meaning of it all sink in.

Some 'get it' and some give it away. Perhaps the last one out will have no need to turn off the lights as the lights are dimming out anyway. Coming to rest the nature of Man ceases the strive to strive and as self importance drops away so too does the endless suffering. Surely that is something worthy of note.

Games come and go and yet the players remain. Perhaps it is time to let loose the Game of Games and allow the dawn to express it's magnificence in other ways. In the heart of Man lies a beast of burden and yet at the same time, the lamb of selfless desire.

When it all stops being about 'me' what then will become of one's existence? When the suffering ends will peace endure on it's own accord? What then would it be called? In lack there is emptiness and when this trait reaches the end of it's life-cycle what will become of the urge 'to survive'? Where there is no survival there is no obsession with leaving one's mark upon the 'living'.

Walk softly and carry a big stick. Vigilance requires one to be ever watch-full of one's own convictions , of one's own viewpoints from which we expect the universe to respond - and it always does. Taking exception to the echo why do we shout to begin with?

Oneness is never the merging of one thing with another, it is what remains after all the baggage has been tossed to the winds.

Perhaps the Heart of Man is beginning to believe.

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