Doing It For 'Free'

Money, money, money. Gimme, gimme gimme!

You hear it from almost every corner of humanity, that desperate heart-wrenching cry for the all mighty and omnipresent medium of exchange, the rallying cry for ever more.

Now that it has become established, the fractured and broken family, the tentacles of immortality has extended it’s short stubby reach into society and beyond. This is already well underway and in the timeline, very well underway. But what is the matter?

Brainwashing always seems to be in vogue and yet freedom, though ever hope-full, consistently remains just beyond one’s reach - something in acquisition and yet not quite. Slipping through the fingers our own self-sufficiently seeps away as we franticly extend our reach into the pockets of desire, of pain and suffering.

Wants will never become full-filled until our own sense of completeness is achieved. But that would take time for contemplation and so civilization provides non-stop entertainment in which one may loose one’s self - and indeed the lost fill the need.

But what does that have to do with it?

When we become immersed in our own universe nothing so fully satisfies us as our own created story unfolds. In the drama of life and living we find purpose and plan. With closed eyes we try to answer our knock on the door. Falling all over ourselves, we come to fear our own ignorance - and rightly so.

Sooner or later the hammer falls.

Sooner or later, your choice. We all have our life to lead in the way only we ourselves can come to know it. Scripting the plan, we stick with it.

How does one provide equal exchange when there is no one else in which to provide the canvas for such?

Painting our masterpiece we become it.

Hello!? Anybody home?

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